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Angry Water: An Outdoor Adventure

Allen Theisen



Five tightly-knit friends are at one of life’s milestones: high school graduation. Bob is on his way to the Air Force Academy, and the guys want to create a lasting memory for him before life sends them in different directions. Canoeing and camping along northwest Wisconsin’s river system had never failed to create stories they could share for a lifetime. So they decide to spend a few days canoeing three connecting rivers before Bob leaves. This time Mother Nature gives them more than they bargained for.

John and Anne open a budding relationship as the guys plan their trip. Little do they know the role she will play in the adventure and its effect on the rest of their lives.

Angry Water is a fictional creation based on actual canoeing and camping trips taken all along the St. Croix River watershed. Trips like these are not only about running whitewater and spending time outdoors. They are also about the relationships built and lost while on the water. Mother Nature can build new friendships, tighten existing bonds, and sometimes end relationships forever. Angry Water does it all.


About the Author

The love of the outdoors in the St. Croix River valley influenced Allen’s life for over forty years. It began in his early teens when his family moved from St. Paul, Minnesota, to a rural community less than ten miles from the St. Croix River. Summers were spent enjoying camping, canoeing, and biking excursions that sometimes took him to the river. He spent more and more time in the valley during his middle and high school years, developing friendships with classmates who also loved the outdoors.

Allen graduated from North Dakota State University, one mile from the great Red River of the North. Then, returning home for an electrical engineering career in the Twin Cities, he and his wife moved to Western Wisconsin. Their home, less than three miles from the St. Croix River, offered the opportunity to see the St. Croix River Valley daily, crossing it for both work and play. Now retired, Allen is enjoying the great outdoors as much as ever.


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Angry Water by Allen Theisen

  • Books are non-refundable.

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