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Title: Jesus' Teachings about Money

Subtitle: A Guide to Biblical Stewardship

Author: Loyal Golv


Jesus spoke about money more frequently than about any other topic except for his central theme, the kingdom of God. This is a meditative review of what Jesus said about money. The reader is confronted by his humor, enlightened by his wisdom, and finds contentment while making the day-by-day decisions about money. As men and women are involved in the ministry of stewardship, the many dimensions of that ministry are apparent in Jesus' teaching. It is time to learn and understand what Jesus said about money. This book provides insights and encouragement for all Christians for whom money is a worrisome wonder.


About the author:

Loyal E. Golv served as a parish pastor for over twenty-eight years. Stewardship was a significant part of this ministry. For a decade prior to retirement, the ministry of stewardship became a full-time opportunity as a national staff member of the American Lutheran Church and later the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.


ISBN: 978-1933794099

Pages: 160 perfect bound

Size: 8.5 x 11

Price: $20.00

Publication date: November 2007

Jesus' Teachings about Money by Loyal Golv

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