Learning to Live with Loss

Marbury E Anderson


Old age is learning to live with loss. You can reject that premise as being too negative and too pessimistic, but is it not often a fact, a reality? Can we really deny it when so often it is before us in the experience of elderly people and our own experience of aging? Are we not in danger of cutting ourselves short by dismissing it rather than accepting it as fact and reality? Rather than being negative to the realities of life, might we not seek to rise above the loss and the problems, and find in loss something more important to the character and nature of life?

When we are old and getting older, it is as if bit by bit we are losing what we have been. It is as if life as we have known it begins to flee away, and we are left to make the best with what was left. Old age, it seems, is learning to live with loss. But how can we better cope with those changes? How can we learn to find joy in our rapidly changing lives?


About the author:

Dr. Marbury E. Anderson is an ordained pastor who has served congregations throughout the United States. Now in his nineties, Dr. Anderson is well aware of the losses that aging can bring. He also finds joy each day in serving others and discovering the joy of new opportunities in his life.


Title: Learning to Live with Loss

Subtitle: Finding Joy in Your Advanced Years

Author: Marbury E. Anderson

ISBN: 978-1933794815

Pages: 72 perfect bound

Size: 5 x 7

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Publication date: December 19, 2014

Learning to Live with Loss by Marbury E Anderson