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The Courage to Be Kind

J. Touché



About the Book

Courage and Kindness - What do these two words mean to you? We hear them often but seldom think of them as conjoined.

We are entering a new world; a world where the kindness of humanity is suffering universally, and the courage needed to show this kindness is also under attack.

There are decisions we must make if we hope to bring about a more loving and kind future. It should begin selflessly within the human heart and go beyond mere conversation about kindness to developing the courage to execute it. The Courage to be Kind.

  • Do you have the Courage to be Kind?
    • If you have struggled with kindness, read this book!
    • Did you know God helps those who are sincerely kind?
    • What is it about sincerely kind people that others do not understand?
    • Are you tired of being kind, doing virtuous deeds, and feeling unappreciated?
    • Do you associate “niceness” and “kindness” with “weakness?”
    • Are you raising kind kids?
    • What is the difference between sincerely nice and kind people and nice and kind phony people?
    • Why do you feel hurt by those who misuse your kindness?
    • Have you ever been afraid to show your “nice” side?


J. Touché is a student of life who has always struggled with the concept of kindness—what it is and what it is not. Through extensive research and reading other books and articles about kindness, J. Touché discovered people downplayed or did not mention the courage that always accompanies sincere kindness. His first encounter with kindness was through his late mother and it intrigued him what the essence of her kindness was and discovering how courageous she really was. Having traveled to many destinations worldwide and throughout the U.S., he found that kindness is universal, and people everywhere attempted to understand it. His book results from his journey to seek sincere kindness, kind people and their motivations, self-reflection, and personal encounters that changed the course of his life. The Courage to Be Kind is about sincerity, kindness, niceness, courage, faith, prayer, selflessness, love, humanity, hope, and the core of kindness. GOD.


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Paperback 978-1-959681-57-1

eBook 978-1-959681-58-8

Hardcover 978-1-959681-59-5


The Courage to Be Kind by J. Touché

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