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Toby Remembers

Ruth Pietras


Publication Date:  November 9, 2021 


How do you talk about death and dying with a child? When there is
such sadness and confusion about what it means, where does healing
This is the story of a boy who has lost his grandpa and is beginning to
navigate the whirlwind of emotions that can sometimes seem more
than a young heart can hold.
For Toby, losing his Grandpa was like losing all the wonderful colors he
carried inside him.
One night, Toby has a dream his Grandpa is coming to play with him.
The next morning, Toby races off to the playground. Toby knows that
his Grandpa has died, but his heart so badly wants to be with him
This is the story of a journey toward understanding and acceptance, as
Toby comes to find his Grandpa will always be with him. On the
playground, on a walk in the woods, in the spring flowers and the
autumn leaves with their fireworks of color before they fall to the



Toby Remembers by Ruth Pietras

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