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Author Lynn Garthwaite

Lynn Garthwaite

I have worked with Kirk House Publishers on two of my books and I couldn’t be more appreciative of all they did for me. From cover design to formatting, marketing, and many kinds of post-publication support - the entire process has felt like I had a partner and an advocate to help me get my books from manuscript to bookshelves.

Author of Starless Midnight & Childhood Rhymes for Modern Times

Author Terry R. Morehouse

Terry R. Morehouse

I was impressed with Kirkhouse. This was the fourth book for me with Kirk House Publishers. They guided me through the process. I was given great insights and always in a respectful and timely manner.  Ann was so encouraging and creative! I am grateful!


Author of Shalom:  Our Search for Peace in a Troubled World

Gene Wood

Gene Wood

As a first-time author, I had zero knowledge of how to print or publish anything. I turned to

Kirk House Publishers to review my project.

It was obvious from the start that I had found a company that could provide advice and resources that would help me. 

From encouragement to write to manuscript editing as well as cover design, Ann was fabulous. It truly makes one's first book fun to complete, especially when going to your first book signing event. 

Thank you, Ann and Kirk House Publishers, for your help and guidance. As I work on my second book, I already know whom to turn to for professional support. 

Author of Shhh...Can you hear it?

Author Carla Pritchett

Carla Pritchett

I hold such gratitude in my heart for Ann and her kind, compassionate way of working with me; a first-time author. I highly recommend Ann and Kirk House Publishers - a JOY to work with.


Author of Getting to the Heart of Relationships

Gloria VanDemmeltraadt

Gloria VanDemmeltraadt

Innovative, smart, and boldly creative, are words to describe the abilities of Kirk House Publishers. Unfortunately, they are not nearly enough to express their adeptness in providing skills and talents to answer their clients’ needs. They work with authors to enhance their ideas and perform the miracles needed to reach success – every time. This author is extremely grateful for their talents.

Gloria VanDemmeltraadt,

award-winning author


Author of several books including

Trouble in Deep Lake

Duane Paetznick

Duane Paetznick

The process of getting published and marketing a book seemed daunting for me. Luckily, I found Kirk House Publishers. They have helped me through all the steps of publishing my book - walking me through the options, guiding me when needed, offering suggestions, and giving me the tools to succeed.

In addition, Kirk House has helped give me a number of tools to help in marketing my book. The personal, prompt assistance from Ann Aubitz has been exceptional. Because I've been treated so well, I have recommended Kirk House to a number of

other budding authors.

Co-Author of Behind the Pulpit

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