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Donna M. Cramer

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Donna M. Cramer is a retired special education teacher who lives in Massachusetts. She worked with young special needs students (preschool – first grade) for over 20 years. While working at school, Donna sustained a life-altering brain injury. Cramer discovered a love for writing after her injury, particularly early in her recovery when she had difficulty expressing herself through speech. She stays busy writing, doing yoga, and walking on the beach. She lives with her husband and two Maine Coon cats, all of whom facilitated her recovery with lots of love. Cramer wants everyone to know that there is always hope. Even though it may seem like a distant, faraway glimmer, there is always hope.

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Two young families are on the brink of new beginnings. Brynn and Eric Branson, recently married, are overjoyed with their baby, Paul. Alison and Jared Jensen are equally excited to start their life together, with Alison eager to escape the influence of her overbearing father, Cecil. Both couples are filled with anticipation for their futures.

However, life takes a dramatic turn when Jared is deployed to Afghanistan. In a misguided attempt to help Alison cope with a devastating loss, Cecil and Gail, Alison's parents, intervene in ways that profoundly affect both young couples.

As they navigate through heartbreaks and some victories over the next twenty years, will these couples find their way back to happiness? Can they overcome loss and tragedy, and will hope ultimately triumph?

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