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NOW OPEN for Submissions


We offer two different types of publishing:

1.  Hybrid Publishing through Kirk House.  Kirk House Publishers is a hybrid publisher/royalty publisher. A hybrid press or hybrid publisher is a publishing house that operates by combining the best of both self-publishing and traditional publishing.  Hybrid publishing is based on a contribution to be paid by the author. We offer a competitive royalty!

2.  Self-Publishing through FuzionPress.  FuzionPress is our self-publishing mentor press. For authors seeking the best that the self-publishing world can offer, FuzionPress has the highest-quality design, formatting, editorial, marketing provided by our team of professionals.  In addition, we offer custom self-publishing services and packages tailored to meet your specific objectives.

If you need a book printed, not published (you already have the ISBN, cover & Interior design completed) click the button below and send an email with specifications. Include size, page count, interior stock color (natural or white), interior ink color (black only or color), and cover coating (UV or Matte Lamination). Minimum quantity is 100.



     We will review these 30 pages, then let you know if we want to review the entire manuscript (please have a complete manuscript before submitting.) We publish books between 20,000 and 100,000 words.


     Please note:  We do NOT offer an advance. We will publish paperback books and offer books in a digital format.  Hybrid publishing is based on a contribution to be paid by the author. We do offer a competitive royalty rate on sales.  Please allow approximately four weeks for a response. We read all submissions and will notify you if we are interested in proceeding.


Please fill out the submission form and also email a document with 30 pages or three chapters of your manuscript and email to

Submission Form

Thank you. Please email 30 pages or 3 chapters to

Our hybrid publishing options

Every submission will be assessed by our editorial team.

Please contact us for pricing

This is based on the new option pricing as of 12/31/2022
Kirk House Publishers Hybrid Publishing Options 2023 12312022 wo pricing.jpg

Please email or call for pricing. or 612-781-2815.


An editing Assessment is included in the price, but developmental, copy editing, and line editing are invoiced at an additional charge. Editing is based on CMOS (The Chicago Manual of Style.)

Every manuscript will be assessed by our editors before printing. The editing done is at an additional cost to the author, which is based on word count.



Before you submit details of your manuscript to Kirk House Publishers it is necessary to read and agree to the following Terms and Conditions:

  • The material you have submitted is your own creative and/or well-researched work.

  • Kirk House Publishers cannot be held responsible for the loss, damage, or non-return of any material sent to us in hard copy or otherwise.

  • Please note that we only accept online submissions.  If any manuscripts are sent to us we will not review them.


What we DO NOT publish:

  • Short stories- manuscripts under 20,000 words

  • Previously published material

  • A finished cover or an already formatted book

  • Work that is not your own

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