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Joe & Kathy Grafft

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Joseph Allen Grafft, MS, NREMT

Joe Grafft’s interest and eventual career as an EMS provider and educator began with his father Charlie Grafft, a police chief and later county sheriff.  Despite having little and living in a boxcar without running water the first 12 years of Joe’s life, his father modeled volunteerism.  In 1959, at the age of 12, Joe began taking first aid and rescue classes from his father and became part of a junior rescue squad.  Instilled in him was the importance of care and concern for the patient. His father’s words of wisdom still resound after all these years, “Have a reason for what you do, and treat everyone with respect and dignity!”  How true these words are today! 


Katherine Kuzma Grafft, BS, RN, OCN

Kathy Grafft has been a healthcare professional since 1973, receiving a BS degree from the University of Minnesota.  As a Registered Nurse, she has had extensive experience certified as a CCRN (Critical Care RN) in a Level One Trauma Center in the medical, cardiac, and surgical ICUs. She served as a Nursing Faculty at North Hennepin Community College, where she instructed nursing students in simulation, skills lab, lectures, and clinical experiences. She is a Retired OTR (Occupational Therapist Registered) with extensive experience working with adult rehab, cardiac rehab, public school special education, and county infant and adult home visiting programs.

Presently, Ms Grafft works as a perioperative and infusion/oncology nurse as well as continues instructing in EMS for Customized Safety Training.

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