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LOri la bey

~Lori La Bey is the founder of Alzheimer’s Speaks, a Minnesota-based advocacy group and media outlet making an international impact. Her goal is to shift dementia care from crisis to comfort by giving voice to all and raising those voices to enrich lives by sharing critical information, personal stories, resources, products, and tools from people and organizations at all levels around the world.

     La Bey has been recognized by Oprah as a Health Hero, Maria Shriver as an Architect of Change, Sharecare as the #1 Influencer Online for

Alzheimer’s, AARP MN as an Inspiring Leader and Disruptor, along with the National Institute of Dementia Education to name a few. Her radio show has been repeatedly named the #1 radio/podcast focusing on dementia.

     Visit her website to access FREE educational resources, Alzheimer’s Speaks

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We truly hope you find Betty’s journey helpful to you, your family, friends, and clients as we try to live graciously together.

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