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Melissa Mork

Dr. Melissa Mork has her master’s and doctoral degrees in clinical and forensic psychology. She is a tenured professor, an international keynote speaker, and a global consultant. As a clinical psychotherapist, she hosts the podcast, “Mental Health with Dr. Melissa Mork.” She is also a Certified Humor Professional and recently competed for Minnesota’s Funniest Person.

About the book:

How’s your mental health? If you’re not doing well, you’re not alone.

We are a nation in a mental health crisis. One in four adults this year will report some kind of mental illness. Half of our young adults are suffering. In 2021, children’s mental health was declared a National State of Emergency.

But when I am standing in the ER with my son as he describes his suicide attempt to a nurse, these statistics feel irrelevant. Suddenly, this is personal. Only my son’s mental health matters.

Your mental health matters too.

As I study, teach, and apply psychological theory with clients, I see how each theory can enhance your mental health. Questions like, “What do I need?” “How can I change?” and “What gives my life purpose?” will help you develop personal insights, have greater self-compassion, and will gently explore your own mental health matters.

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