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Mental Health Matters

How Ten Psychological Principles Will Enhance Your Mental Health Copyright

Melissa Mork



About the book:

How’s your mental health? If you’re not doing well, you’re not alone.

We are a nation in a mental health crisis. One in four adults this year will report some kind of mental illness. Half of our young adults are suffering. In 2021, children’s mental health was declared a National State of Emergency.

But when I am standing in the ER with my son as he describes his suicide attempt to a nurse, these statistics feel irrelevant. Suddenly, this is personal. Only my son’s mental health matters.

Your mental health matters too.

As I study, teach, and apply psychological theory with clients, I see how each theory can enhance your mental health. Questions like, “What do I need?” “How can I change?” and “What gives my life purpose?” will help you develop personal insights, have greater self-compassion, and will gently explore your own mental health matters.


About the Author

Dr. Melissa Mork has her master’s and doctoral degrees in clinical and forensic psychology. She is a tenured professor, an international keynote speaker, and a global consultant. As a clinical psychotherapist, she hosts the podcast, “Mental Health with Dr. Melissa Mork.” She is also a Certified Humor Professional, and recently competed for Minnesota’s Funniest Person.


What People are Saying

Dr. Mork is the deeply trustworthy mentor the mental health community needs. This book is an equally wise and compassionate guide

that will help many.

~Jackie Lea Sommers, Author and OCD Awareness Advocate


Dr. Mork’s writing style is so genuine and uninhibited that what she has to say speaks directly to my mind, heart, and soul.

~Debra Joy Hart, RN, BFA


Reading Dr. Mork’s book feels like a comforting conversation with a

cherished friend.

~Deb Price, RN, MSN


Paperback ISBN:  978-1-959681-47-2

eBook ISBN:  978-1-959681-48-9

Hardcover ISBN: 978-1-959681-49-6

Mental Health Matters by Melissa Mork

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