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The Kirk House Publishers finalists for the Midwest Book Awards.

  • Silver Award Winner—The Brush Dances & the Light Sings by John Palka & Yvonne Palka, in memoriam, Category: Arts/Photography/Coffee Table Books

  • Silver Award Winner—Kadyia and the Dragon Tamers by Taylor Staples, Category: Young Adult

  • Turning Wealth Into What Matters by Dana Holt, Category: Business

  • Silver Award Winner—Welcoming All That We Are by Billie Rogers, MA, MFT & Cassandra Vieten, Ph.D., Category: Inspiration

  • Getting to the Heart of Relationships: The MAGIC of Relationships and Their Power to HEAL, a Guide to Creating Mutually Supportive and Loving Relationships by Carla Pritchett, Category: Education/Learning

  • Silver Award Winner—I'll be OK, Ma: A Mother Receiving Signs from her Deceased Son by Phyllis Schwartz, Category: Family/Parenting


Congratulations to all the Award Winners

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Midwest Book Award Finalists
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Silver Award Winner for the 2023 Midwest Book Awards. 

Category:  Nonfiction – Arts/Photography/Coffee Table Books


Finalist in two categories for the 20th Annual "Best Book" Awards Sponsored by

American Book Fest™

Category: Art

Category: Photography


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