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Jeffrey D. Nelson, M.D.

Jeffrey D. Nelson, M.D. is a family physician who served the Cottage Grove, Minnesota area for over 38 years, retiring in 2020. His professional career saw many changes, including the transformation from small independent clinics to our current large health systems. A constant theme for each patient was having a personal connection with a physician to handle what are often difficult decisions when it comes to healthcare. How to handle an unintended pregnancy was sometimes one of the most difficult of those decisions. How to deal with a difficult cancer is another. As a husband, father, and doctor, he shared the story of the journey with his wife of forty-one years who was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2014, and subsequently died in 2016. That story is found in his first book, I Got To Live With An Angel. As a family physician and father of three married children and six grandchildren, he directs us along the journey—sometimes with a joyful ending; other times with the necessary choice to end a pregnancy.


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Medicine, religious freedom support abortion rights

A local physician's book demonstrates how science and the First Amendment back the right to choose — and what it means if the Supreme Court takes away that right. 

By Lori Sturdevant

May 14, 2022 — 6:00pm

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