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Alone on the Battlefield: A Child Surviving the Korean War

by Hyon Kim


A story of perseverance is born in the midst of a national tragedy. Her family torn apart by the Korean War, a young girl fights to survive in the face of unimaginable peril and despair. Her life’s journey takes her across the ocean and back as she struggles to reconcile her devastating past with the woman she seeks to become and searches for a community and a family in which she truly belongs.


An inspiring personal story, crossing two countries, of a young girl's life journey, transforming the pain and barriers of national prejudice, abuse and racial discrimination to a pathway to wholeness, healing and community empowerment. As a woman of color, I honor Hyon as a role model of resilience, perseverance and hope. – Emma Corrie


Her life is itself a microcosm of the tragic history of Korea. But Ms. Hyon Kim has taken unspeakable tragedy and turned it into something triumphant. Her story is a gripping and powerful. It is a true story of her overcoming adversity and finding love and goodness in her life. While I hope that someday these sad stories will no longer be a part of our history, I am grateful that she has found a voice to tell her story. – Lee Sang-hoon


About the Author:

Ms. Kim is the founder and CEO of MN Best, Inc., founder of Midwest Alliance for North Korean Refugees, and co-founder of OurTech Coop. She has a BS from the University of Minnesota. Ms. Kim was the first Asian to serve on the University of Minnesota Board of Regents.

She was Chair of the State Council on Asian-Pacific Minnesotans and a member of the board of directors for notable organizations such as YWCA USA, Roseville Rotary Club, and the Minnesota Council of Churches. She was Honorary Chair for the Global Minnesota “Year of Korea” in 2016 and named one of Minneapolis St. Paul Business Journal “Top 25 Women to Watch”.


Story Circle Book Review

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