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Faye Berger

For over 30 years, Faye has frequently traveled in Mexico, and for the last 18 years she has wintered there.  Her love of Mexico began when she and her husband worked with the Mazahuan people on the high plateau out of Mexico City.  That love carried them along years later to the adventure of owning property on the Pacific coast, all the while learning on the go. 

     Faye has a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Minnesota. Her volunteer interests have included Families Moving Forward, Good Samaritan Nursing Homes, and the Twin Cities Marathon.

       She is the author of Gumption, Lessons on Old Age, Loneliness, and a Hotdish (2010), a true tale about the resilient spirit of old men in her small hometown in Minnesota. She has made numerous presentations on the subject of "positive aging."  She wrote a piece under that title for Minnesota Women's Press (2011).

        Faye also wrote Finding Foxholes, a World War II Infantry Route, Then...and 48 Years Later (2014) combining her travelogue with coinciding audio-taped stories by her father, a Bronze Star, World War II infantry soldier.  In 2016, she was honored as the speaker at the Memorial Service in Renville, MN.  In 2017, Finding Foxholes was selected for the One Book One County reading program by the Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Library Legacy Fund.

        In 2006, Faye's "South of the Border" was featured in Running Times.

        Faye and her husband live nine months a year in Minneapolis, MN and three months in Manzanillo, MX.  They have four children and seven grandchildren.

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