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STARLESS MIDNIGHT by Lynn Garthwaite

     As a teenager, Jadey Evans’ family fled their small town to escape the kind of conflict that only a dysfunctional family would recognize. Returning 14 years later, she anticipated some face-to-face combat with old ghosts but had no idea of the real terror that awaited. Her bi-racial heritage had been a kind of novelty to her young friends more than a decade ago, but now she is alarmed to discover that former neighbors of color had been quietly disappearing. Would she be next? Had the racial discord always been there, but covered with phony smiles and carefully chosen words? Her own discovery of a murder victim close to home begins a race to crush a white supremacist terror plot while saving her own life. Is there anyone in Twin Station she can trust?

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Good deeds like good books are timeless

Kirk House Publishers is the proud publisher of great writers & gifted storytellers. Kirk House’s mission, publishing for a cause, is a way for them to combine their experience in publishing with the desire to do good in the world. Good deeds like good books

are timeless.

Announcing new owners and a new mission: Publishing for a cause.


We are all excited that the start of the baseball season is upon us.  Here is a great look back at the 1965 World Series Twins in the book Cool of the Evening by Jim Thielman.

Tale me out to the ballgame!

Alexis Acker-Halbur

Author of THE BEAR

Kirk House Publishers (KHP) is unique because they accept and print books focused on a cause. Since our world is filled with a plethora of issues that need greater awareness to be resolved, KHP's incredible mission brings to light books that heal our minds, bodies, and spirits. I am grateful for KHP's acceptance to publish my book, and publisher, Ann Aubitz, for believing in my story. Her beautiful cover design is receiving praise from many readers who tell me the book is a page-turner. Thank you, Ann and KHP, for providing books that change people's lives.

David L. Angeron

Author of IT'S MY TIME

I am incredibly grateful to have Kirk House Publishers help me get my first book, It’s My Time,  published so professionally. Ann has been a true blessing with her assistance and professionalism assisting me through the entire publishing process. As a first-time author, the publishing process was a bit overwhelming but Ann’s patience and professional experience made it an enjoyable experience for me. I recommend Kirk House Publishers to anyone with a story to tell and a dream to share it.

Teresa Thomas

Author of 50 FUN THINGS

She has been wonderful at turning my concepts into reality. The turn around time and communication has greatly exceeded my expectations. Her professionalism, enthusiasm and level of care makes me feel like a

valued customer,


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