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ANGR: second edition by Brent Olson


This book is available for PREORDER.  The orders will be shipped out when the book is completed.  ETA: End of August 2024.


About the Book:

What if the only way to keep from killing yourself is to save the world?

The root of the word "anger" comes from the ancient Scandinavian word "angr," which means "grief at the wrongness in the world." An unimportant man in a small place, devastated by the wrongness in the world and frustrated by the blindness of those in charge, begins a personal crusade to set things right. His actions, initially small, start a chain reaction that spreads from his community on the edge of the prairie to reverberate around the world.

A retired genius, a one-handed Marine, a melancholy scientist, and a wife with a low tolerance for nonsense aid him. Though they share little beyond clear thinking and a bias towards action, together they strive to make a difference. When you can't do everything, you do what you can.


About the Author:

Brent Olson, recipient of the 2024 Prairie Star Award, has been a journalist for a quarter of a century, publishing seven books and filing thousands of articles from over twenty countries on six continents. For 25 years, Olson has entertained, enlightened, and challenged his readers to think more globally while giving residents of southwestern Minnesota the words to express pride in rural living.

Olson farmed for thirty years, served as a rural county commissioner for twenty, and has been an active citizen of the world for seventy. From helping to build a school in the mountains of Haiti to dodging reindeer on Svalbard, every mile traveled, and every event experienced has shaped his worldview. He has something important to say and deeply hopes someone will listen.

ANGR: second edition by Brent Olson

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