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Between the Helpless and the Darkness

Brent Olson


Publication Date:  May 29, 2021


HARALD SIGURDSSON, King Harald Hardrada of Norway, King of the Vikings, was born to rule. He embraced that birthright, dominating his world with the strength in his arm and the power of his will. In an instant, one brutal mistake and a
shattering wound took all he valued from him.
But what if . . .
Harald Sigurdsson fled his disgrace with a band of equally broken warriors still holding tight to his leadership. They ventured West, to Iceland, Greenland, into the darkness, to a land known only through legends and lies. A land with no need for a king, no room for a ruler. A land where a king could hope to become something more. This enthralling, thought-provoking story begins a thousand years ago on a battlefield outside York, England, and then moves across the North Atlantic to Iceland and beyond.
Brent Olson’s biggest, boldest, and best book yet is a stunning work of alternative history. Olson has achieved an entirely new script for the world by moving the path of one arrow one inch. Brent Olson, a journalist for a quarter of a century, has published seven books and filed thousands of articles from over twenty countries on six continents. Throughout this time, he couldn’t help but wonder, “Couldn’t we have done better?” Not fully content with his world, he decided to create a new one.

ISBN: 978-1-952976-18-6

Between the Helpless and the Darkness by Brent Olson

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