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Captivate Your Audience: Create content that connects every time you present by Sara Cross


Congratulations to Sara Cross for being named a 2022 finalist for the Midwest Book Awards!


Publication Date:  August 24, 2021


How do I create a presentation that makes me appear credible and intelligent?


This question has the power to turn the initial excitement of being asked to speak into an anxiety-ridden experience. You sit down to create your presentation, and nothing seems to flow. The stakes are high, and the presentation has to be good. Your brain is flooded with thoughts, and you’re paralyzed by indecision or worse yet, you can’t come up with anything intelligent to say.


Your reputation is at stake. The anticipation and expectations are enough to short circuit anyone’s mind. You think to yourself “What do I say to appear credible and intelligent?” But that’s the wrong question.


The pressure turns us into a combustible over-thinking machine!


It doesn’t have to be this way. A simple framework may be all you need to lay out a clear speech path. Clarity and direction will save you time so you can spend your energy on rehearsing—and not being stuck in contemplation.


This book takes you by the hand and eases you into developing a carefully crafted presentation you’ll be proud to deliver. “How can I connect with my audience?” is the most important question because your connection with the audience far outweighs any brilliant words you were planning.


Whether you are new to speaking or have a lifetime of experience, stop spinning your wheels and bring on that newfound confidence and self-assurance you’ve been dreaming about.


Captivate Your Audience by Sara Cross

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