Childhood Rhymes for Modern Times

Lynn Garthwaite


For parents and grandparents who grew up reading nursery rhymes in which all of the children looked alike and had terrible tendencies to fall and break their crowns, to find food cupboards empty, or to watch farmer’s wives cut off mice tails … this is a more inclusive and less scary book of rhymes.


All children need to see themselves as a part of a community. Let’s never allow them to feel otherwise.


About the Author

Lynn Garthwaite is the author of the Dirkle Smat Adventure books, a series of early reader mysteries. She has also written three picture books for clients such as Radio Flyer and Shutterfly. In addition to children’s books, Lynn is the author of a history book for all ages titled Our States Have Crazy Shapes: Panhandles, Bootheels, Knobs and Points, and Starless Midnight, a mystery/thriller with domestic terrorists and the discovery of a decades-old murder.

Childhood Rhymes for Modern Times by Lynn Garthwaite