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Pain in Paynesville

My First-Hand Encounters with Terror and The Search for Jacob Wetterling

Kris A. Bertelsen, Ph.D.


Book available for preorder, books will ship when completed. The estimated time of completion is the end of June 2024


About the Book:

A true crime account that rocked bucolic central Minnesota, Pain in Paynesville, walks readers through the author’s experiences in the 1980s as a serial predator stalked boys in his hometown, two abductions, and a murder that would remain unsolved for almost 30 years.


What People are Saying:

The waves of pain and trauma caused by personal crimes cascade through families, friends, and communities. The toll and costs are too often hidden, unrecognized and repeated. Kris Bertelsen’s courageous sharing of his personal journey offers a firsthand account of his experiences and observations in the aftermath of devastating crimes and the limitations of our societal institutions to offer answers and needed assistance—even when individuals in those institutions are so often caring and dedicated professionals. During the time span recounted during “Pain in Paynesville”, I’ve witnessed firsthand a growing recognition and an expanding emphasis on improving communications and services to those impacted by crimes. We are hopefully getting better- but still have such a long way to go. Dr. Bertelsen’s insights and experiences offer opportunities for reflection and discussion as we all try to close that distance from where we were to where we would hope to be.

~Chris Boeckers, Federal law enforcement agent, Retired


About the Author:

Kris Bertelsen, Ph.D., is an award-winning economic educator, therapist, and advocate for survivors, who lives in Minnesota. Bertelsen has published many articles, lesson plans, and videos for educators in economics and personal finance topics, earning awards from the National Association of Economic Educators. Bertelsen is interested in relationships among trauma, incarceration, and resilience. Interested in reentry and recidivism, Bertelsen has researched how entrepreneurship might lead to rewarding careers for criminal justice involved persons. He has been published in the International Journal of Offender Therapy and Comparative Criminology.


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Pain in Paynesville by Kris A. Bertelsen, Ph.D.

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