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Perspectives:  Building meaningful connections by learning 4 steps to courageously speak up

by Kendra Q. Dodd


Publication Date:  December 5, 2021


Perspectives is a guided journal to help you become a better human. In times like these, we should all work on unifying and relating to each other. This book awakens you to another level of awareness, realizing that human beings are more profound and more complex than the labels prescribed to us. This book will help you embrace what we call "bridge moments" to courageously speak up while connecting with people different from you and building a better relationship with them.


Being understood is a basic human need. We all have a right to express our voice. Conscious efforts are needed to advocate viewpoints. Perspectives will help you realize that simply a person's existence can cause misunderstandings, and a guide is necessary to help you navigate to understanding. If you want a resource to shed some light on removing the barriers that can divide us, this book is it.


This book will help reward you through a journey of the following:

  • Assess and process with self-reflections the core of your perspectives
  • Explore the various ways in which we are different and how it can cause misunderstandings
  • Address how to communicate your voice while empathically listening to others effectively
  • Practical, hands-on exercises and tips to having successful real-life interactions

Perspectives by Kendra Q. Dodd

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