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The Brush Dances & the Light Sings by John Palka & Yvonne Palka, in memoriam



Silver Award Winner for the 2023 Midwest Book Awards. 

Category:  Nonfiction – Arts/Photography/Coffee Table Books


Finalist in two categories for the 20th Annual "Best Book" Awards Sponsored by

American Book Fest™

Category: Art

Category: Photography



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John Palka writes:

“The book you are holding presents a selection of paintings by my beloved late wife, Yvonne Palka, interwoven with my photographs and with a focus on nature. It is an expression of our love of beauty and art, of our devotion to nature, of our spiritual search, and of our shared journey of sixty years. . .

"I have sought in these pages to bring together those of Yvonne’s paintings that most express her warm, joyous, loving, and uplifting spirit. I complement these images with photographs that resonate with the paintings in one way or another—sometimes in form, sometimes in color, and always in spirit.

"I see this book as an expression of our lives together.”


What people are saying:

"The Bush Dances and the Light Sings is stunningly beautiful.   I can’t decide which is more eye-arresting, Yvonne’s gorgeous paintings or your exquisite photographs. I hope that Kirk House is proud enough of the publication to propose it for some industry award. Congratulations on an impressive achievement.”


John has created this book as a memorial to 60 years of artistic co-creativity with his wife, Yvonne, pairing his photographs of nature with her brush paintings in a stunning and deeply moving collection of beauty. It’s the kind of book to put in your backpack when you go camping or to give to the nature lovers in your life. Each page yields a new spiritual experience of reverence and serenity. The image quality and layout are outstanding, and the minimalist text provides context and guidance in poetic language. Magnificent!

~Ursula Goodenough. Author of The Sacred Depths of Nature, published by Oxford University Press


ISBN:  978-1-952976-88-9


Books are non-refundable.

The Brush Dances & the Light Sings by John Palka & Yvonne Palka, in memoriam

  • Books are non-refundable.

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