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Title: The Making of the Oromo Diaspora

Subtitle: A Historical Sociology of Forced Migration

Author: Mekuria Bulcha


This book explores forced migration from Oromoland (primarily in Ethiopia). The book originates in the author's research on forced migration and explores some of the social and political factors that led to the uprooting and scattering of thousands of Oromos in different directions and at different times. Professor Mekuria Bulcha demonstrates both the passion of an interested insider and the objective reflection of an unbiased scholar.


About the author:

Mekuria Bulcha (Ph.D.) is Professor of Sociology and social research scientist at Uppsala University, Sweden. He is the author of a widely read book, Flight and Integration: Causes of Mass Exodus from Ethiopia and Problems of Integration in the Sudan. He is also the editor of Oromo Commentary.


ISBN: 978-1886513495

Pages: 272 perfect bound

Size: 6 x 9Price: $25.00

Publication date: June 19, 2002

The Making of the Oromo Diaspora by Mekuria Bulcha

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