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The Sad Giraffe

Jason Lavender



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About the Book:

The Sad Giraffe is a delightful children's book adorned with colorful images and an array of charming animals. It skillfully addresses themes of self-esteem and the importance of embracing one's uniqueness through their individual qualities.  As we follow the character of the Sad Giraffe, readers are introduced to a host of carefree, short-necked characters who live joyously. The giraffe, envious of their carefree lives and noticing their numerous strengths, struggles to understand his own.


About the Author:

Jason Lavender, a senior at Oxford High School, discovered his passion for writing stories at a young age. His journey began with "The Sad Giraffe," his first book, which he started drafting before middle school. Over the years, he meticulously crafted the book to include humorous dialogue and vibrant illustrations that featured a variety of animals and backgrounds. However, the book remained untouched for many years until the pandemic prompted Jason to digitize his draft using a tablet. This marked a turning point, leading to the creation of five more books, each filled with increasing creativity and refined writing.


Currently, Jason is immersed in various writing and illustrating projects, expanding into graphic novels and chapter books. Despite beginning work as a lineman apprentice, he remains committed to pursuing his passion for storytelling. For more information, Jason can be reached at


Paperback ISBN: 978-1-959681-66-3

Hardcover ISBN: 978-1-959681-67-0

The Sad Giraffe by Jason Lavender

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