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What Have you Done Since I Left?

Donna Mathiowetz


Publication Date:  September 8, 2020


No one’s life ever goes exactly as planned. Some bumps in the road are slight while others have the potential of bringing us to our knees. That is our story. When Timm, our 16 year old son, was killed while attending a party we found ourselves in a club that no one ever wants to join. Years later, after the hard work of healing, we are still a part of that grief support group and are now facilitating it.
Quite often our discussions are about what our loved ones would want us to do in their absence. One night Dick, my husband, had this scene begin to unfold in his mind. He saw himself being greeted by Timm in heaven. They sat down at a table. Timm reached across the table and
with wide eyes and great expectation, he took hold of his dad’s hands, looked at him and said, “So Dad, tell me everything you’ve done since I left!” There would be many stories to tell. Stories of losses and gains. Stories of adoption and foster children and an amazing amount of love
and support from our family, friends and faith community that have fulfilled our lives.


About the Author

Donna has been working in the arena of loss, grief and resiliency for almost three decades. She has been a national speaker for a variety of organizations and corporations. She has created the content for groups who are supporting parents who have lost a child. Donna also has a passion for educating those who want to come alongside others in grief. Too many people don’t know what to say or not say -- and that often leaves the grieving person feeling abandoned. She offers sound advice that she has gleaned from her own journey as well as from others with whom she has walked beside. She also presents The Resiliency Factor workshop as a way to help others be better prepared for the twist and turns of life, be it death, divorce or the loss of a dream. Donna’s message is always heartfelt with a sincere desire to help her audience feel empowered by her words.


ISBN:  978-1-952976-01-8

What Have you Done Since I Left? By Donna Mathiowetz