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Proud publisher of great writers & gifted storytellers.

Kirk House Publishers was founded in 1994 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. At Kirk House, we believe that a good book can fuel the imagination and inspire humanity.

We love books! Kirk House authors understand the steadfast desire and dedication we bring to publishing their work. Our growth over the years has been wonderful and our goal is to continue discovering gifted authors. We like working with writers to develop their books and careers over the long term.


Authors who wish to have their book considered for publication by Kirk House Publishers will need to fit our submission guidelines.


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OUR cause

Ann Aubitz

Co-owner and Publisher of Kirk House Publishers. After years of reading everything I could get my hands on, I decided to help others achieve their dream of becoming an author.  My mission is to help authors achieve their dreams by seeing their book in print.


Brian Aubitz

Co-owner of Kirk House Publisher and owner of FuzionPrint.  My favorite part of working with  authors is handing them their finished book at the end of the process and seeing the look of joy on their faces.

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