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KH PUBLISHERS—IN THE AUTHOR'S CORNER The Bear—In the Middle of Between by Alexis Acker-Halbur

ABOUT THE BOOK: The Bear—In the Middle of Between by Alexis Acker-Halbur

Claudia Matthew's abuser was not a stranger, a boyfriend, or a husband. He was her father-the one person who should unconditionally protect and love her. Abused by him since age six, Claudia believes "she is bad." Why else was she the only one of five siblings to always be his victim? In her mind, she kept asking, "Why me?" until her nightmares and feelings of being unloved and unworthy prevailed.

During a blustery February blizzard, Claudia risks the weather and ventures to the only place where she feels peace-Banning State Park-with one purpose. Claudia's plan is interrupted when a mystical stranger appears and struggles to take away the gun. Plummeting off a cliff on to the rocky and frozen Kettle River, they journey together into a den of transformation.

Will she survive? Will she find hope?

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Alexis Acker-Halbur As a professional trauma expert and survivor, Alexis’ cause is to help people recover from traumatic personal experiences. Current statistics state that one in every four girls are abused in the U.S. – an epidemic I want to bring to greater public awareness.

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