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Six tips for planning your book launch party.

  1. Set yourself a budget. Decide what you want to spend on each component of your party.

  2. Decide whether your book launch is invite-only or open to the public. You could also do a Zoom launch if that is more comfortable for your guests. Or you could do one of each. If you choose to have your party on Zoom, ensure that you are organized and have a plan for what you want to do. Also, run through it before the launch party date.

  3. Choose a venue that's right for your book. You can choose an organization that relates to the subject of your book. Ask people who have supported you through the process and see if they have ideas for a location.

  4. Make sure you're prepared for sales. Have one of your "book team" available to take the money and sell the books for you. Make sure that you have multiple ways for people to purchase. Then, you can concentrate on signing your books and mingling with your guests.

  5. Create a run sheet to follow throughout the night. Have an itinerary and stay on schedule. Make sure your team has a printout to stay updated on what is happening throughout the night.

  6. Have a speech prepared. It is a nice touch to say something. You can read, but make sure it is a brief passage that you are sticking to the schedule. Don't do the reading the whole evening. Make sure you thank people for their support throughout your publishing endeavor.

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