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KIRK HOUSE PUBLISHERS—IN THE AUTHOR'S CORNER You. Defined! Alyssa Kreutzfeldt & Cyndi Lesher

You. Defined! Alyssa Kreutzfeldt & brilliantly grounded wisdom by Cyndi Lesher   About Alyssa Kreutzfeldt . . . genuine, savvy, and intentionally thoughtful, Alyssa is a wife, mom, and, professionally, an author, speaker and certified coach who guides people to boldly define the purpose of their life and leadership.

For over two decades, Alyssa held a variety of key leadership roles in corporate America, as well as in numerous charitable and business organizations. She has been recognized as a top leader in business by the Minneapolis-St. Paul Business Journal, Minnesota Business, and National Association of Women Business Owners.

In December of 2015, she packaged her years of experience and launched bar 33 – a leadership firm named after her family’s cattle ranch in western North Dakota. “Growing up on our ranch, I quickly learned that our brand was a genuine portrayal of our family. All of us had a profound commitment to do things right from the ground up.” Her devotion to become a lifelong student and ambassador of leadership and human potential was inspired by her family’s deep-rooted values and daily principles.

About Cyndi Lescher . . . a work in progress, enjoying and appreciating this age and stage of life. Cyndi is retired from the corporate world, having held several leadership positions, including CEO of an energy company.

Cyndi is a community builder, philanthropist, people connector, non-profit volunteer, and is active in civic and church work. Cyndi serves on several non-profit boards, allowing her to utilize her head and heart to serve organizations and people about which she is passionate. She is a frequent speaker on leadership, effective communication, philanthropy, and realizing one’s potential.

Cyndi credits her family and faith with providing her the grounded values, positive outlook, and resilience that is core to her life. She is a wife, mother, grandmother, and loyal friend. By far, the best title she has ever had is that of “Nana.”

This book was written with you in mind. It has been purposely crafted to help you consciously participate in your life to cut through the internal and external chaos, clutter, and Dare to go Define what you show up as YOU! It is our sincere hope that this interactive book sparked an inside out connection for you, in a fashion that is original and authentic to who you are inspiring you to own your true brand of brilliance.

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