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Ongoing Promotions and Discoverability

Once your book is published, the work doesn't stop. You want to keep promoting your book and making it discoverable to new readers long after the initial launch. Here are some effective ongoing promotion strategies:

Giveaways and Promotions

  • Offer your book as part of bundle deals or boxed sets around certain themes, topics, or genres. Cross-promote with other authors in your niche.

  • Pitch your book for inclusion in promotional newsletters, websites, or apps like BookBub, AllAuthor, or Hoopla. The increased visibility can drive sales.

  • Organize a blog tour to connect with readers on other sites. Offer guest posts, interviews, excerpts, reviews, or giveaways to bolster interest.

  • Pitch your book to book reviewers on book review sites, blogs, YouTube channels, podcasts, and more. Getting more reviews helps credibility and SEO.

Backlist Marketing

  • Promote your previously published books to readers of your new releases. Cross-link between books on your website and social media.

  • Offer the first book in a series at a discount or for free to incentive readers to buy the rest of the series at full price.

  • Bundle your backlist titles together in boxed sets or compilation editions, which can tap into new readers.

  • Run occasional countdown deals, promotions, or limited-time discounts on your previously published books to boost visibility.

  • Advertise your previously published books in author newsletters, on your website, and across your social media channels regularly. Out-of-sight is out-of-mind.

Optimizing Metadata

  • Refine your book metadata, categories, and keywords periodically to help with discoverability. Check how your book looks on vendor sites.

  • Update or expand your book description and bio when you have new information that's relevant.

  • Add awards, reviews, blurbs, or new information about your author brand into your book's marketing copy as applicable.

  • Research keywords that are driving sales in your niche and integrate highly searched terms organically into metadata and marketing.

  • Take advantage of opportunities to improve visibility, like Amazon's A+ Content or Author Central profile. Optimize everywhere you can.

By actively keeping your book visible and discoverable with ongoing promotions, you can continue reaching new readers and sustaining sales long after launch. Don't let your book disappear into the ether—keep marketing!

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