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Planning Your Launch Sequence

A successful book launch requires careful planning and coordination of key launch activities leading up to and on your release date. Here are some tips for planning an impactful launch:

Coordinate release day actions

  • Let your network know the exact release date and ask them to buy and review your book on launch day. Line up post shares and publicity. 

  • Schedule social media posts and ads to go live on launch day. Space out your posts throughout the day.

  • Plan a launch event or online party. Rally fans to attend and spread the word.

Leverage Amazon advertising

  • Set up your Amazon Author Central profile and link your book.

  • Enroll in Amazon Ads and create a sponsored product campaign leading up to and during launch.

  • Bid higher on launch days to gain more visibility and momentum. Monitor and optimize daily.

  • Plan media and publicity pushes

  • Identify media targets like book reviewers, bloggers, podcasts and pitch them with copies of your book, press releases, and personalized pitches.

  • Line up guest posts, interviews and other publicity opportunities to coincide with launch.

  • Promote media mentions through social media and collect assets like podcast episodes to share.

Careful planning of your launch sequence will help generate that crucial momentum and visibility when your book first goes live. Leverage advertising, media outreach, events and your network to make a splash on release day. Maintain energy in the days and weeks following launch to capitalize on interest.

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