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Pre-Launch Marketing Strategies

In the months leading up to your book's launch date, there are several key strategies you should focus on to generate buzz and momentum.

  1. Build Excitement with ARCs:  One of the most important pre-launch activities is getting advance reader copies (ARCs) into the hands of book reviewers, influencers, and engaged readers. ARCs allow you to start generating buzz and collecting reviews well before your launch date.

  2. Run a Preorder Campaign: Allow readers to preorder your book in the months leading up to release. This helps boost initial sales numbers and propel momentum on launch day.

  3. Start Publicity Outreach Early:  Identify relevant media outlets, podcasts, book bloggers, and influencers for potential publicity opportunities around launch time. Pitch them early with your book details and available ARCs.

Pre-launch publicity outreach takes time, so start reaching out 4-6 months before release. Follow up regularly and politely. Record outreach details to stay organized and strategic.

With smart pre-launch marketing, you can hit the ground running once your book is finally available. Build that critical buzz and validation through early reviews, visibility boosts from preorders, and launch publicity.

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