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Title: The Inadvertent Café Subtitle: Lessons in Life, Business, and the Limited Value of Being a Do-Gooder Author: Brent Olson

  The Inadvertent Café: This book will make you laugh. It'll make you cry, and it'll make you squirm. Read it. The lessons it contains will help you succeed in every way that matters. The author, Brent Olson, observes the world around him from his vantage point at the town cafe: It's a strange place to find myself at the age of 60. My beard smells like bacon, and my hands smell like soap. I fret about expiration dates on pancake batter and whether or not people are getting tired of ginger-molasses muffins with cream cheese frosting.   Brent Olson has lived most of his life on a small farm in Big Stone County, on the edge of the prairie in western Minnesota. His weekly column, "Independently Speaking," is seen by a million people a week. In this time of news and information tailored so everyone can hear only what they want to hear, he presents information that will leave everyone just a little unsettled. Working with a warm heart and a cold eye, he dissects what works from what doesn't in our individual lives, our institutions, and our country. Olson put three children through college as a farmer, has experienced solid success and stunning failure as an entrepreneur, and as a journalist has filed stories from twenty countries. He has served on dozens of boards and committees—as varied as the Big Stone County Pork Producers, and the Minnesota United Methodist Board of Ordained Ministry. In his time as a short-order cook at his very own Inadvertent Café, he has learned to make fluffy scrambled eggs, and the best omelets on Main Street in Clinton, Minnesota (Population 453). Olson is a Big Stone County Commissioner and a 2012 Bush Foundation Fellow.

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