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From Pain to Power

Seven Steps to Healthy Boundaries


Spiral Bound


What if . . . you could find yourself in the process?
What if . . . you could keep a record of your journey
with From Pain to Power: Seven Steps to Healthy Boundaries
Here is a journal container for:
• your thoughts,
• your feelings,
• your heart responses,
• your experiences of growing awareness,
• the connections you make,
• your new boundary beliefs, and
• your effective actions for healthy boundaries in all your relationships


“This journal can hold the depth of your entire journey with
the Seven Steps. You can return here to recheck the roadmap,
to notice how you are moving from pain to power in
your life, and to celebrate your progress in making healthy
boundaries. Ready to write? Here you go! You’re doing it!”
~Ellen H. Saul, author of From Pain to Power


Ellen H. Saul is a licensed psychologist who
specializes in the process of healing from trauma
and attachment wounds. She has a Master’s
degree in Community Counseling from Minnesota
State University, Mankato, 35 years of professional
experience, and an ongoing commitment to
helping others.

From Pain to Power Journal

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