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Paperback Book:  The BIG Adventures of Little Pickles: The Lost Bracelet

By Erika and Erik Therwanger, Illustrated by Brandyn Therwanger


Little Pickles is looking for an adventure and she finds one!

While playing at the park she finds a pretty bracelet in the sand and wants to keep it.

“It’s mine because I found it.” Then, she added, “Right, Daddy?”

Daddy spoke quietly. “If you found it, then it means that someone lost it.

So, this is a lost bracelet.”

Follow Little Pickles as she returns the lost bracelet and plots her next adventure!



The Story Behind the Adventures

Erika, Brandyn, and Erik Therwanger are family members who have taken their challenging life experiences and created adventures that empower children. Erika’s mother endured four battles with cancer and cardiac arrest. Gina’s first diagnosis was just ten months after they married. During this difficult time, Gina was also informed that she would never be able to have children. But Erika, a miracle child, defied those odds and was born in 2006! While Gina was pregnant with Erika, Erik would often refer to Gina as "Pickles" because she loved eating them so much. When Erik spoke to Gina’s belly, he said, “Hey, Little Pickles,” and Erika’s nickname was born! Facing their obstacles and overcoming them, led Erika and her family to take their unique perspective about life and share stories that help others.


Paperback ISBN: 978-1-959681-26-7

The BIG Adventures of Little Pickles: The Lost Bracelet

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