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Why Hyena Limps

An Original Tale Told in the African Style

by Laura Lemunyete




Hyena feels hungry even after eating small gazelles and grass snakes.
He longs for a day to get a meal that will fill his stomach. His friend,
Vulture, tells him that there is a big snake that lives along the riverbank
and that by eating him up, he will be in his stomach for a month.
Hyena starts his journey towards the river.
Will he find the King of the Snakes?


Laura K Sather Lemunyete was born in New Richmond, Wisconsin, USA. Her many travels and adventures eventually led her to Kenya after meeting her Kenyan husband, Reuben Lemunyete, in Edinburgh, Scotland, where they studied their Master’s in Tropical Animal Production and Health. They have two grown children. They live in Northern Kenya, promoting community development, encouraging education, and helping to improve livelihoods on many levels.   Laura has written many articles on various aspects of their community work and has a blog named PEAR Innovations: Life and Work in Northern Kenya. This is her first children’s book. It is an original tale told in the African Style. 


978-1-952976-64-3 paperback

978-1-952976-66-7 hardcover


Books are non-refundable.

Why Hyena Limps by Laura Lemunyete

  • Books are non-refundable.

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