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KIRK HOUSE PUBLISHERS—IN THE AUTHOR'S CORNER A Matter of Life and Death by Cynthia Heelan

A Matter of Life and Death. Their relationship was warm, intimate, and responsive. And although Cynthia Heelan and her husband, Richard, met each other in their mature years, they found delight and joy in their life together. When a long-time lung condition returned to take Richard's life, they faced the time they had left together with firm resolve and loving care for one another. Their engagements with the hospital, with their families, with hospice, and with each other are learning moments for so many families who face the final days of a beloved one. In revealing her life with her husband, especially in his last days, Cynthia Heelan may assist not only couples who are facing, death together, but also those facing life together--with a way to re-frame their relationship to one another.

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