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New Release: Find Your Beat by Tim Eggebraaten

Find Your Beat: Walk in the Rhythm of Life by Tim Eggebraaten


About the Book: 

In the rhythmic pages of "Find Your Beat," Tim Eggebraaten, a retired police chief turned messenger of optimism, invites you on a journey through the melodies of life. With heartwarming stories and practical wisdom, he reveals the power of finding beauty amidst the chaos, the rhythm in everyday moments, and the resilience within.


Tim's candid tales take you behind the badge, sharing the highs and lows of a high-stress career, personal struggles, and the healing power of music, friendships, and love. From the depths of personal challenges to the heights of realistic optimism, he weaves a tapestry of hope.


Discover how one man found his beat through positivity, learned to hush the cacophony of negativity, and embraced the symphony of gratitude. With warmth and humor, Tim illuminates the path to improving your own realistic optimism and rediscovering the beauty around you.

"Find Your Beat" is more than a book; it's a guide to transforming your life's soundtrack. Let Tim's inspirational journey help you find your rhythm, tune into the positivity surrounding you, and dance to the melody of optimism.


Join Tim on this remarkable odyssey and unlock the music of your soul. Your journey to finding your beat begins here.


About the Author:

Tim Eggebraaten, with nearly 28 years in the Criminal Justice field, brings a wealth of experience to his role as a captivating national speaker. From his beginnings as a correctional officer in 1989 to his tenure as Chief of Police, Tim's journey is a testament to his expertise in "working the beat."


Retiring from law enforcement in 2016, Tim embraced the title of "Off Duty Chief," passionately taking his message, music, and talent to the streets. His compelling storytelling and witty perspective on balance, growth, leadership, and life make him a sought-after keynote speaker on the national stage.


Tim's unique approach combines his love for music with his motivational message, taking audiences on an emotional roller coaster. From light-hearted anecdotes to profound insights on loss and mental health, Tim engages and inspires.


Based in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota, Tim shares his life with his wife, Denise, relishing the outdoors, friendships, and family moments with their adult children and two grandsons.


Contact Tim Eggebraaten to bring his inspiring message and music to your organization:


Phone: (218) 325-0224


Discover your rhythm of life through Tim's unique perspective and powerful storytelling.


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